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A long time ago, I was 16 years old, an artist tried to make it clear to me that I had to develop my own style. Then I could not, I did not understand him and the result was that I became desperate and stopped painting. I only continued to do photography.⁠
⁠Now, many years later, I have the need to show my own style. Not so much in photography, but in my digital work.⁠
To be honest, I have tried that before, a total failure.⁠

I have always been interested in naive art, but not everything appeals to me. The style, the experiment in it, that fascinates me.⁠

Limited editions.
Bigger as A2, max 5x

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Afmetingen 30 × 21 × 0,1 cm

Art print (Giclée), Cardboard, Brushed Steel


A4: 29,7×21, A3: 42×29,7, A3+: 32,9×48,3, A2: 59,4×42