Your photo to edit

You can hereby not claim the right of return. The item is made especially for you.

  1. Please, if anything unclear mail us contactform.
  2. Payment always upfront by Paypal, we send you a payment request.
  3. Send your photo to Please donot enlarge this photo by yourself.
  4. Most of the time we need about 4 businessdays.
  5. After re-edit we send by mail an example with a big coyright in it.
  6. If you are satisfied we send one without copyright or you can ask for a few little changes.

How it works.

Make your choice here  what kind of edit you like. If you hoover over the examples you see a number. Use that number for your choise.
Remember everything is handmate, no edit will be equal to other edits we did.

Send your photo and your choice to the mentioned mailadress. Write what you will receive:

1. digital re-edit only € 20,-
2. digital re- edit and A4 Artprint € 40,- (including shipping)